About Me



My name is Megan Young (Grassel). I started DJ’ing around 1999 on vinyl Technic turntables. Carrying my crate of records around to any show that I did. Let me tell you, after a while that crate got heavier! I went anywhere I could possibly spin, from bars to clubs then on 98.3 ClubMix radio that aired in Round Lake for a couple of years. 

It was hard picking out a DJ name. I started off using my real name as my DJ name, so people would know who I really am. In 2008 I got married and well, my name changed! I still tie my maiden name in, since I went 7 years using Megan Young. Either way, I am still Megan, if it is with Young, or Grassel.

I have hosted many different kinds of events, along with my background of many clubs and bars in the area. I plan on many more years of it to come. I have DJ'ed weddings, birthday parties, firework shows, school events, holiday events, work events, and many more!

I enjoy every aspect, and every genre of music! I love seeing people have a good time, and dancing when I am playing. No matter what type of show or event that I am playing, this is what I love doing!

My family!